Hey, welcome to our space!

We are Raj & Rocky, and this is where we  our daily discoveries. We’re happy to share with you our crazy travels, shopping finds, daily food trips, and just about whereever we go.

We have been sharing our adventures online since 2009 on Tumbler (as Flyingpaperboat and Wuwu). In 2012, we have co-founded our very own online publication, madhousemnl.com. It has been a go-to online publication for the hottest trends and events way back in 2012 until around 2015, and was awarded as Best Lifestyle Blog by Tatt Awards in 2014.

In 2016, we built a digital agency from scratch, Msocial Inc., and had been very busy with our agency life since. Today, we now manage MSocial, MStudio, Mad Specialty Group, The 210 Ventures, all under MCollective.

When we do not work, we travel, we eat, and we explore new things. This 2024, we decided to reformat madhousemnl into wandrr.club – our personal space for everything style & travel.

Raj is digital marketer and entrepreneur.

Currently, he is the President & CEO of MCollective, and is a part-time lecturer at DLSU.

Instagram: @rajbayy


Rocky, better known as Mad, is a Twitch streamer, content creator, and game-enthusiast.

Currently, Rocky is the Chief Content Director of MCollective, and General Manager of MSocial Inc.

Instagram: @madkratostv
Tiktok: @madkratos
Twitch: @madkratos