Ichiran: A Japan Trip Staple

Mar 28, 2024 | Food

A classic must-visit in every Japan trip, a good ol' bowl of tonkotsu Ichiran ramen!

Every Japan trip will never be complete without a visit to Ichiran.

Ichiran is famous for being one of Japan’s finest tonkotsu Ramen restaurants. It takes pride in its broth, extracted from 100% pork bones without artificial flavorings or extenders.

The signature Ichiran ramen is flavorfully balanced. Because of its clean pork broth, it doesn’t have the usual strong odor of other ramen places. Every sip is just filling and pleasant. Flavors blend well with the tonkotsu cuts and noodles.

They started small in Fukuoka in the 60s and grew into a vast ramen empire. There’s an Ichiran in almost every ward of Tokyo and Osaka. At this level, we know there’s some sort of commercialization of their ramen, but we think benefits them well. Wherever branch you visit, you’ll get the same good, comforting taste of Ichiran ramen.

More than the ramen, the complete experience is also very enjoyable. The interiors are all wood, and the ramen booths take you to their origins in the 60s. Each person eats ramen through a single booth, with the kitchen staff raising blinds when the ramen is ready. And don’t get intimidated by the egg; you have to peel them just like the old times. A quick roll would do the trick!

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