Hanamaruken: Osaka’s Happy Ramen

Mar 22, 2024 | Food

Osaka's happiness ramen is indeed putting big smiles on our faces

A quaint ramen shop on of the corners of Shinsaibashi, Hanamaruken is a crowd favorite. Though it has no English signage, you wouldn’t miss it because of the crowds of people lining up outside.

Similar to common Japanese ramen shops, Hanamaruken has around a 10-seater ramen bar with an open kitchen. The place is warm, inviting, and smells so good! Orders are made through a vendo machine inside the restaurant. Order before you sit!

Hanamaruken is famous for its roasted pork ramen. They boast of their slow-roasted, cooked-to-perfection pork belly that goes with their flavorful ramen. The roasted pork is so tender it melts in your mouth and is as flavorful as the broth.

Noodles are cooked to perfection – chewy and firm. The broth is seasoned well with just the right amount of umami. All of these play well with the heavily flavored slow-roasted pork belly, giving the bowl a smokey flavor and so much fat you can’t stop slurping for more.

Aside from ramen, we also tried their gyoza and omurice. Both were fairly good and well-seasoned. A surprising twist: the roasted pork on our ramen goes so well with rice! We recommend ordering rice on the side if you can handle carbs over carbs.

In a stretch of restaurants closing at 8 PM, Hanamaruken has often saved us from hunger several times in Osaka. Add this to your late-night itinerary when in Osaka.

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