Sen No Kaze: Ramen of a Thousand Winds

Mar 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

A good bowl of tonkotsu ramen with one of the best chashu slices we've ever had!

They say this is probably one of the best ramen in Kyoto.

From Arashimaya and Fushimi Inari, we went straight to Shinkyogku to look for Ramen Sen No Kaze. Ramen of a Thousand Winds, as it translates to English, has been dubbed one of the best in Kyoto.

We arrived a little past 11 AM, and there was already a long queue. In most Japanese restaurants, you just line up. But for this one, you have to sign up and get listed. We were number 23, but there were around 4-5 groups in front of us. Our waiting time was around 40 minutes.

Ramen Sen No Kaze offers a wide array of ramen options, from Shio (salt-based), Shoyu (soy-based), and the popular Miso ramen. Most of these ramen options are tonkotsu broth extracted from 100% pork, with no artificial flavorings. We saw on the menu that there were options for seafood broth for those who do not eat pork.

Of course, we chose tonkotsu – one shio and one spicy miso.

The broth is rich and flavorful without an overpowering scent. It’s hearty and full-bodied, but you can slurp it down without cringing. The noodles are cooked to perfection, chewy, and balanced. The Chashu slices are the highlight of the bowl. I assume the pork belly slices are braised, as in all other ramen bowls. But this one hits differently. I think they are grilled or seared before topping the bowl.

Chaschu slices are so flavorful we can’t get over them. They are not too fatty, just the right amount to make it juicy. The charred edges are sweet & tangy, adding to the ramen bowl’s overall flavor.

We also tried their gyoza. They were good, firm, and flavorful—just like a good traditional gyoza should be!

Like the best restaurants in Japan, everything they serve here is straightforward. There are no tricks or twists, just a perfectly cooked bowl of ramen.

We haven’t had much ramen in Kyoto, so we can’t say that this is the best in the region. But we’ve had enough ramen in Japan to know that it belongs on the list of the best in Osaka.